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Increase your efficiency with fast, reliable and quality printing!

We provide these printing services:

Digital printing

We transfer your motif to paper through modern printing technology. Laser printing enables us to print in small or medium quantities without the need for films or plates as in other types of printing. This technique offers the digital printing of books, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, graduate theses, diplomas, invitations, thank-you cards, business cards, memoranda, posters, labels... Besides all this, we offer graphic work for your products: hard binding, spiral binding, soft binding, binding graduate theses, stapling, perforation, bending and all forms of plastification such as one-sided, two-sided, matte or glossy.

Advantages of Digital printing:

  • quality, quick and inexpensive
  • ideal for printing a small number of copies
  • usually used for printing personalized copies
  • printing in color or black and white which is cheaper and more suitable for a larger number of copies

Screen printing

When using screen printing, where the print is applied with a screen, we can make a print-out on almost every kind of material with a flat surface, such as textile, glass, metal, cardboard, paper, and make a quick adaptation to printing on round materials. It is most often used for printing motifs larger than 10 cm, such as those for bags, T-shirts, hats... This technique is suitable for small series of promotional articles.

Advantages of Screen printing:

  • high print quality
  • durability
  • long lasting
  • capabilities of printing on any surface

Offset printing

Should you wish to print in quantities greater than 500 pieces, we offer the Offset technique, because in this technique, the greater quantity means a lesser price.
Offset printing achieves a high quality print of a high cost effectiveness.

The advantages of Offset printing:

  • less expensive in large quantities
  • quality and durability of the print
  • quick and simple preparation

Pad printing

If you need to print on surfaces which are not flat, then Pad printing is the ideal choice because of its specific way of transfering the print. We use it to print on materials such as plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber, metal...
The print is made with an elastic rubber pad that transfers the color from a metal panel of clichés onto the printing surface, it is ideal for small objects that will be covered with a print up to 10 cm in diameter such as pens, key chains, cups...

The advantages of pad printing:

  • quality of printing in greater quantities
  • quick printing
  • durability
  • printing on irregular surfaces
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